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Leather Asymmetric Jacket - Thailand

Leather Asymmetric Jacket - Thailand

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     This stunning recycled leather jacket made in Thailand is an Italian-designed showstopper. The genuine leather finish of this jacket is so lightweight that it allows for it to be layered on top of whatever you are wearing to add a special touch to your look. It is designed with an over-neck line, long sleeves, and an over fit that can be closed with a side zipper. This accentuates the avant-garde style along with the jacket being made of 100% leather. The craftsmanship involved in making this recycled leather jacket is like no other! The attention given to details like ensuring the seams are flawless is unrivaled. The colors used are a combination of bright hues and bold shades. The two-tone nature of the colors provides a depth and luminosity of the colors that can only be achieved through hand-dying. What truly sets this recycled leather jacket apart is its eco-friendly properties. It is made of recycled leather, which helps reduce the additional manufacturing of new leather. Additionally, it uses environmentally-friendly dyes and water-based adhesives that do not release any toxic fumes into the environment. This helps ensure that the manufacturing process does not contribute to the current climate crisis. It is a perfect addition to any fashion-forward wardrobe. The unique design and remarkable craftsmanship from this Italian-designed jacket, make it an eye-catching piece. While the small details on the outside give it individuality and smart look, the inside is lined with a soft nylon lining to add comfort and breathability to the jacket. Its lightweight body and recyclable properties give this must-have a two-for-one in fashion and environmental awareness. This amazing jacket made in Thailand can be worn for any and all occasions. On a warm day in summer, layer this jacket with a light t-shirt and shorts. On a cold evening in autumn, layer this jacket with a chunky knit, jeans and ankle boots. The versatility of this jacket extends to the workplace as well. Throw it on over a collared shirt, trousers and some heels and you’ll be ready to take on the day in style. This  jacket is sure to turn heads wherever you go! It pairs with any accessory, from classic to edgy, and transitions from one style to the next seamlessly. Don't miss out on your chance to be the trendsetter in your group of friends by owning this wonderful jacket. If you're looking for the perfect balance of fashion and environmental-friendly features, then this jacket is the ultimate choice!



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