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Tunisia Chechia

Tunisia Chechia

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The chechia hat has numerous symbolic elements. It is a sign of modern Tunisian identity, as it is often traced back to the Kabbous Dynasty, and the bold colors traditionally used when making the hats signify the bright future of the nation. The craftsmanship of the chechia hat is unique and is still handed down through the generations by a special group of craftsmen calledchaouachis. This group of craftsmen are given the title compulsorily after climbing the ladder, passing exams and passing scrutiny by a committee of qualified craftsmen. The Tunisia chechia is steeped in history and tradition, giving a nod to its heritage. The classic shape and texture is timeless and works with informal casual as well as dressier occasions, making it a versatile style of headwear. It can easily be dressed down with denim or breezy linen separates for a boho chic look, or paired with a sharp blazer and slacks for a more classic look. The color palette of the traditional chechias range from bold reds and navy blues to subtler, classic colors such as beige, taupe and white, giving you the chance to pair it with any color wardrobe. It is an ideal piece of headwear to give your wardrobe extra character and interest in a unique and stylish way. The intricate craftsmanship, classic colors and traditional symbolism make this hat a must-have style accessory for all kinds of casual as well as dressier occasions. The craftsmanship and symbolism further add layers of global flavor to your wardrobe, making it a classic piece of clothing that you can treasure for years to come.

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