Carla's Boutik

We bring you an authentic intersection of culture and style. Made up of customs, languages, values and even thoughts. Curating ensembles that form an eclectic mix which encompasses the artistic passion of designers from around the globe. This collection of stunning world finds is what we call Global Infused Style the heart and soul of what we do.

Who we are

Carla's Boutik is a unique experiential click-and-mortar platform sharing the cultures of the world. We help women and men that desire affordable handmade luxury items enhance their own personal style identity. We do this by sourcing from unique local and global artisans curating an eclectic fusion of fashion, art, and beauty products which we call "Global Infused Style. We offer posh ensembles for you along with beautiful art decor for the home. We also offer concierge shopping and VIP styling services for those clients that desire a more enhanced experience. Right now we have partnered with a new retail coop in Potomac Mills Mall Woodbridge , Virgina called Black American Market Shoppes. The Boutik has been a disrupter in the industry since 2013 as we use fashion as our catalyst to create an environment through our distinctive items validating that we are all uniquely intertwined one with the other.