Meet Carla




Carla Bailey is the founder of Carla's Boutik, a unique click-and-mortar platform whose mission is to share the cultures of the world. Carla was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Inspired by her parents Harry and Emmie and her faith in GOD  to create a business that provides its customers with handmade, affordable luxury items that promote individual expression and cultural understanding.  Carla's inspiration is  also propelled by her hope for a brighter day for her granddaughter, who carries her mother’s namesake. In the early 2000's Carla's Boutique Accessories Collection was born carrying handmade jewelry from Quebec. Carla then took this passion and initiated what is now Carla's Boutik. A business solely designed with the purpose of connecting the world by providing the opportunity to discover various cultures through the fashion pieces found in her store. The Boutik offers a variety of garments, accessories and handmade items from local artisans across the world. Through Carla's Boutik, customers can express themselves with unique items from all kinds of cultural backgrounds and eras. Carla is always focused on providing her shoppers with quality pieces and also ensuring that their culture, identity, and beliefs are appreciated. Carla uses her platform to bridge communities from different backgrounds to give her loyal customers the chance to show how high-quality fashion and respect for culture can bring the people of the world together. She truly understands that fashion and culture can be understood through love, acceptance and appreciation. Through Carla's Boutik, Carla has created a platform that celebrates the beauty in diversity and gives her customers the opportunity to express themselves while understanding the similarities between cultures. She wants her customers to feel as though they can make a difference, by supporting the local artisans who craft the unique items that she sources. Carla firmly believes that everyone should be able to own a statement piece that can express their individual style and culture. Carla’s Boutik is not only a business for Carla but also a mission for her to touch the lives of people across the globe. By inspiring them to express their true style, Carla is changing the world one fashionable piece of clothing at a time.